My Story, Vision, & Passion for Excellence

Years experience

If you’re only thinking about how much money you’re gaining or losing, it’s tough to actually make money.
Instead, if you concentrate on the steps you’re taking with discipline,
there’s a positive chance you might end up making money.

– Ahmad Ali Khan
(Nifty Technicals by ak)


2009 – Began Trading while employed at a leading telecom company.

2010 – Decided to become a Full-Time Trader, thinking I had mastered the skill.

2010-2012 – Experienced significant losses, raising funds from the market and friends, ultimately selling ancestral land to repay debts.

2012-2014 – Started part-time work to manage expenses and went back to basics to relearn Trading. Achieved consistency after two years.

2016 – Commenced increasing capital by reinvesting earnings from part-time work.

2018 – Present – Successfully generating decent profits.